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How to Choose an Anti-Counterfeiting Company to Protect Your Product

The counterfeiting market is a problem: economically, socially, and, for certain products, in terms of public health. Money earned from counterfeiting by criminal organisations is often fed back into gangs, smuggling rings, drug dealing, and other illicit activities that have an extremely detrimental and significant impact on society.

Ultramatis are here to provide some valuable advice on choosing an anti-counterfeiting company to protect the integrity of your product and your brand. Experts in their patented ultrafast laser plasma implantation process. Which infallibly implants a unique and scannable optical footprint into glassware. Ultramatis are in a position to advise businesses who are looking to avoid the costly complications that counterfeiting can bring.

Given that a projection by the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition puts the value of global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods in 2017 at an astounding $1.77 trillion. There’s never been a better time to choose an anti-counterfeiting company that meets your business’ needs.

Choose a technique that suits your product

The place to start is by looking at the techniques available for the packaging materials that your business uses. If you’re manufacturing into glass bottles, for example, Ultramatis’ ultrafast laser plasma implantation technique is the way forward: for more disposable, plastic packaging, a tamper seal might suit better. Balance the projected risk of counterfeiting against the cost of each technique, researching your options thoroughly before making a decision.

Decide whether you want to track your product

Some anti-counterfeiting companies won’t offer the option of storing information in the anti-counterfeit measure, like many of the tamper seal techniques mentioned above.

Others, like barcodes and some holograms, will allow product information to be read by a special scanning device. Choose a method that gives each package an individual, readable, un-tamperable identity, like Ultramatis’ technology, for a sure fire avoidance of counterfeiting of your product.

Check their reputation and credentials

Look at the track history of a particular anti-counterfeiting company, as well as the technique they offer as a whole. Has it often been defeated and exploited? Is it reliably secure? Or does it challenge the norms of anti-counterfeiting, connected to a recognised academic body, and headed by experts in their field, like Ultramatis does?

Ultramatis is a spin-out Anti-Counterfeiting company from the University of Leeds Engineering department. It was founded in November of 2014 and has since been developing its technology and building business contacts.

The company was born out of the discovery of the ULPI technology, developed through research at the University of Leeds and its application to the glass packaging market. Ultramatis is funded through investment from IP Group Plc and the University of Leeds. The principle technical development team is led by co-founder Dr Matthew Murray who is an expert in the ULPI technology, photonics, nanotechnology and materials science. Dr Murray is also leading the business development and for his efforts was awarded the Entrepreneurial award 2015 from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the ERA Foundation. This award features extensive training and mentoring from some of the UKs leading entrepreneurs, offering the perfect environment for building a world leading engineering start up.

Anti-Counterfeiting Company

Advising the technical development is Prof Gin Jose, the foremost expert in ULPI technology and an expert in glass, photonics/lasers, and materials science. Prof. Jose is also a co-founder of Ultramatis and leads the University based research efforts into ULPI technology. Arshad Mairaj assists in the business development as a representative from the University of Leeds with extensive experience in University spin outs and glass technologies as well as Aidong Xu, a business manager from IP Group with over 25 years’ experience in engineering and building start up/ spin out companies in the optics and electronics sectors. As an Anti-Counterfeit Company we will soon be bringing in experts in the bottling industry to help in the design of equipment for bottle handling and processing while the high throughput ULPI processing capabilities are developed.

Ultramatis is serving the glassware industry with their cutting edge new technology. Always open to exploring the opportunities of collaboration, they’d love to hear from you on +44 (0) 845 094 1503 or at